#getUnstuck Podcast GlitterU by Heather Newman

Episode 35: 7 Easy Tips To Get Through Hard Decisions and Rough Times: Grab your Journal, write these down!

July 2, 2020
Today, we are going to discuss how you can be a light in any situation albeit COVID-19, 
I am going to give you 7 tips to avoid rough patches life throws at you by making the right choices and how to navigate those choices.
Grab your journal, write these down.
You can always you can be a light in your life and the lives of others and why it is so important to continue educating yourself, no matter the topic. 
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Movies on Netflix: * 13th * American Son * Dear White People
Books to Read: * How to Be An Anti-Racist * So You Want to Talk About Race * Why the Caged Bird Sings * White Fragility * The Color of Law



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