#getUnstuck Podcast GlitterU by Heather Newman

Episode 88: 31 DAYS to Get Unstuck // Daily Unleash Day 1

October 4, 2021

Welcome to day one of the daily unleash system, 31 days to get unstuck program. These podcasts will premier daily so you can experience this live with me. πŸŽ™ grab your free welcome packet and meal plan https://www.GlitterU.com πŸŽ™ The daily Unleash journal http://www.unleashjournals.com 🎬subscribe for free on YT : https://youtube.com/channel/UCG6q83nEqqCLwVgFhzxrW7A


Be sure to join our PRIVATE POD GROUP to submit secret questions and suggestions to be discussed on the #getunstuck Podcast - You get to decide the topics! https://www.facebook.com/groups/getunstuckpodcast/

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