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Episode 36: #getUnstuck : Protect your Heart, Your Mind and Your Energy: Now More than ever! John 16:33 THE HOLE

July 28, 2020

I don't want to be the person to expose anything to anybody if I do not know if it is REAL or not! I have to take a personal look inside and ask myself before I ever post anything.... "is this something I need to share"? Am I being called to share this? How will this help others?

Before I DIVE INTO THIS DEEP CONTENT - I want to assure you that I've got another path for you to focus on that CAN BE THE LIGHT. If you are familiar with the deep rabbit hole then you understand. If you are not sure what in the world i'm talking about and it sounds like my post is RANDOM..... I do not want to be personally responsible for introducing you to information that I am not clear on myself so you might want to EXIT this now......... There is a time and place for things to come into our lives and it can be uncomfortable to even try to comprehend. I am going thru this myself right now!


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